Tirta Empul Temple & Penglipuran Full Day Tour

Trip Information


IDR 750,000/car

Max. Guests per car

6 Guests


Approx. 8 hours

Additional Notes

  • IDR 125,000/car per additional hour.

  • Tickets to attractions and meals are not provided.


Meeting Point

08:30 AM at the Resort Lobby



Mineral Water Bottle


  • Elephant Cave

    Located in west side of the Bedahulu countryside, Gianyar district, it is about 27 km from Bali’s capital city, Denpasar. This Elephant Cave is built at crevice of two creek tributaries, in Balinese called Pangkung, where the streams run into the Petanu River. Encountering the two streams is called Campuhan. The locals believe they contain a magical energy on the basis of Rwabineda or basic dualism concept. Hence, Goa Gajah or Elephant Cave is intentionally built among two rivers. Admission ticket: IDR 15,000/person.

  • Gunung Kawi Temple

    This temple complex was built in the 11th century when Bali was under the rule of Anak Wungsu, the son of King Udayana. Gunung Kawi consists of 10 memorial rock cut temples. The temples are organized into two groups. One group has four temples in western side, believed to be the monument of Anak Wungsu’s chief concubines. The other group has five temples in eastern side, believed to be the monuments of Anak Wungsu’s father and his family, namely king Udayana, his wife Mahendradatta, Airlangga, Marakata and Anak Wungsu himself. A monument was built a little further in the south of the other complex. This monument is believed to be dedicated for the royal priest. Admission ticket: IDR 15,000/person.

  • Pura Tirta Empul

    Located in Tampaksiring region near Gunung Kawi Temple, the Tirta Empul Temple was built around the springs and a special bathing pool. In the innermost courtyard there is a clear slate-blue spring water bubbling up into its own enclosed rectangular pool through a sedimentary layer of black sand. In Balinese legend, this spring was created by Lord Indra when fighting against king Mayadenawa. Now, this place is often visited by people during the auspicious day for bathing ritual called Melukat in Balinese or purificatory rite. Ticket admission: IDR 15,000/person.

  • Pura Kehen

    Pura Kehen Temple is a temple located at Cempaga, Bangli district, Bali. This temple is set on the foot of a wood hill, about 2 kilometers north of the town center. It was founded approximately in the 13th century. Kehen Temple was the royal temple of the Bangli Kingdom, now the district of Bangli.

  • Penglipuran Traditional Village

    Penglipuran Village is famous for its well-organized row of traditional Balinese entrance gates and its unique architectural style. The word ‘Penglipuran’ is derived from two words Pengeling Pura meaning a holy place for remembering the ancestors. It is related to their ancestors originating from Bayung Gede village in Kintamani district. As Bayung Gede is quite the distance to Penglipuran, the people of Penglipuran built a similar temple to Bayung Gede. Admission ticket: IDR 10,000/person.

  • Bamboo Forest

    Bamboo Forest offers a cool and fresh air and beautiful sounds that can be heard when the bamboo trees rub against each other. This forest is located at Kubu village, approximately 5 km from Bangli town and about 700 meters above sea level. It is just north of Penglipuran village.